Let’s be honest, the lashes life is real. Once we figure out how to properly apply false lashes in less than 30 minutes without gluing our eyelids to our eyebrows, it’s a wrap. We’ll pop on lashes for work, school, parties, shopping, vacations, anywhere and everywhere.

Back in the day everyone bought synthetic lashes from their local convenience store or beauty supply. Now you can buy lashes from almost anyone, with way more styles to choose from than ever before. The makeup world has evolved, and now we have access to luxurious mink lashes, everybody sells them. Now it’s time to ask yourself “what kind of lashes am I really wearing?”

What is the difference between mink and faux mink lashes?

These days it’s easy to get your hands on a pair of nice lashes. Everybody sells them for a wide range of prices. It’s hard to tell the material of the lashes unless you know what to look for, so we’re going to give you the cold hard truth.

The difference between mink and faux mink lashes differs in texture, appearance, and weight. Synthetic lashes are made from a polyester polymer called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). PBT is used in creating items like clothing and toothbrushes. This polymer is very durable, and it’s actually what helps lashes keep their shape and curl longer. So if your lashes have held the same curl as when you purchased them, I guarantee they aren’t 100% mink lashes.

real mink lashes

100% mink fur lashes are up to 30%  thinner than the other types of lashes. They are the best if you are going for a very natural look. As you can see, mink lashes have a natural wispy look. Every lash isn’t uniform, some lashes come out further than others, and they are very lightweight. In order to get its curl, mink lashes must be permed. Over time the curl will fall, and it will need to be re-curled. Make sure to keep mink fur lashes out of water, or they will lose their curl instantly. If you’re truly wearing mink lashes, they will be 100% fur, with a low shine and natural color. Mink lashes typically cost anywhere from $20-$30+.

Are mink or silk lashes better?

Synthetic lashes are a better choice than mink because they are cruelty free, meaning there is no animal use. If you see lashes advertised as “vegan mink lashes” what they really mean is faux mink aka synthetic lashes. If lashes are vegan, then they cannot be made from mink. It is all an advertising gimmick.

Silk lashes

The difference between silk and mink lashes

Silk lashes are more dramatic, thick, and fuller than mink lashes. Typically when you get individual eyelash extensions, they will use silk lashes. Silk lashes are made using PBT. The difference between silk and mink is that silk lashes usually have a semi gloss finish, so they may not look as natural.

The bottom line is, unless your lashes are 100% fur, then they are synthetic aka faux mink. This is the difference between mink and faux mink lashes. There is nothing wrong with that. From a durability standpoint, your synthetic lashes will hold their curl longer than mink lashes will.

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neon pink lashes

neon pink lashes