Tell us about yourself.
My name is Autumn I am 23, studying to be a pediatric nurse. I’m a little nerdy, but then again who isn’t? I love fashion, food and of course hair!

Are you natural or relaxed?
I’ve been natural my entire life.

How long have you been wearing extensions?
I started wearing virgin hair in December 2010. Prior, I had worn two sew-ins, with one or two tracks in back. Lol!

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How has wearing extensions helped your hair growth journey?
My hair is much healthier. My ends are put away so there is less need for a trim because they don’t get damaged easily. It doesn’t have heat damage. After wearing extensions, my hair is actually the longest it’s ever been. I’m now mid back length…before even though I was natural my hair would only just reach my shoulders.

Advice for women interested in beginning a hair growth journey with extensions?
I would say do your research. Don’t buy because it looks like a steal or YouTube gurus endorse it. Really take your time, ask people who wear it often, ask for samples or buy one bundle. And although you usually can straighten curly virgin hair, if you want straight, buy straight hair. Lol

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(natural hair)

What is your regimen when wearing extensions?
I wash my hair once a week and make sure to get underneath my cap or braids. I usually use conditioner only. (Sweet N Sassy recommends you add shampoo into your regimen.)

What is your regimen when wearing your own hair?
I wash my hair every two weeks with conditioner, usually Shea Moisture or Mixed Chicks. I wish I could say I did something special to it but I don’t lol.

Where can people find you online?
IG: _fallingforautumn_

(natural hair)