Completely avoiding any hair damage is impossible. Many women have a general idea of things that you should and should not do if you’re on a healthy hair journey. Here are a few things to look out for that you may not have noticed.

1.) Too much heat. We all love a fresh, sleek flat iron, but let’s face it. Flat ironing more than once a week is too much. Focus more on maintaining straight hair without heat.

2.) Using the wrong hair ties. Never use rubber bands or hair ties with metal clasps. It is easy for hair to tangle and break off around rubber bands, and in between the metal clasp.

3.) Blow-drying soaking wet hair. Hair is very fragile when wet. the wetter the hair, the more heat you’ll use. Be sure to squeeze out all of the excess water before beginning to blow-dry.

4.) Using the wrong brush/comb. You should have more than one type of brush/comb for styling. Use wide tooth combs for detangling, vented blow-drying brushes for blow-drying.

5.) Styling hair too tight. Pay attention to how tight the hair is being pulled. Hair pulled too tight can rip strands from the follicle causing damage and may not grow back.